Phantom Braces Syndrome

I recently had my braces removed after nearly 4 years of torture.  They were on for so long that my tongue can’t comprehend why the surface of the neighboring teeth are now smooth.  Thus, a new diagnosis must be created and named ‘phantom braces syndrome.’  Much like a lost appendage, my tongue can not make the connection that the braces are no longer a part of my teeth.  And although my eyes physically witnessed the braces being removed, my tongue has not been informed of the situation.  If there are others that suffer from this tragedy, please know that you are not alone.

  1. MaliseForest said:

    Four years? Gosh, that’s a long time. Honestly, I’d take it. I’ve been dying for braces since I was 13.

    • Haha it took 4 years because I couldn’t get to my orthodontist regularly. I agree with you, I was dying for braces for as long as I could remember. And believe me, my teeth needed it.
      It’s never too late for you to get them too!

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