Update on Horatio – Late December 2011

Horatio’s work called my father when he did not show up to work a couple of weeks ago. This was then followed a week later by another call from his manager regarding the same subject, except this time he had missed both Monday and Tuesday (I’m reminded of the scene in Office Space in which the consultants inquire about him missing days of work, and he responds, “well I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob”).

After receiving the call, my father went over to Horatio’s house and found him completely drunk with an empty 1.75 liter of Smirnoff Vodka in his kitchen. My father asked Horatio to come with him back to his house where it is an alcohol free home. This would allow him to sober up and resume working (I disagree with my father forcing Horatio to come back to his house because this is a form of enabling as well as the fact that it must be my brother’s own motivation to stay in an alcohol free home). From what I heard, there was a lot of resistance to get him to leave his house, but he finally came with my father.

These two occurrences are very disappointing and demonstrate a new pattern of Horatio’s drinking cycle. It appears that he is able to maintain his sobriety during the weekdays in which he must show up at work (sober or not), however, when it comes to the weekend, he is unable to control the temptation to get obliviated with a large bottle of vodka.

A simple solution for him to avoid these severe alcohol binges would be to temporarily move to my Father’s house over the weekend when he is most vulnerable to his weaknesses. Unfortunately, this is not something that he will be too agreeable with, but I hope that he will at least listen and contemplate the idea.

For some reason, I am looking forward to getting home and having a discussion with Horatio. I shall update you after I sit down with him and discuss the current situation. Your ideas and suggestions are much appreciated, feel free to leave a comment or send an email.


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