Update on Horatio – January – Optimism

I recently sat down with Horatio after learning that his manager had to call my father due to an unplanned and unexpected absence from work. My father felt obligated to bring Horatio back to his home, which is an alcohol free house. He was then able to sober up and resume work without too many repercussions.

Since Horatio started his most recent job, he has developed a new cycle of drinking to fit this lifestyle. He has been able (as much as possible) to remain sober during the week in order to meet his work obligations. However, when Friday arrives he is resolved of these responsibilities, which allows him to drown himself in alcohol until a state of incoherence is achieved and maintained. This goes on until Monday morning when he is supposed to be present at work. It appears that when he has the golden opportunity to spend Friday evening until Sunday evening absolutely smashed, he is unable to fight this temptation despite his desire to remain abstinent from alcohol.

This of course was what he was doing during most of the weekends that he didn’t have to show up at my father’s house for family events. This led to his second extended weekend of drinking in which his work was kind enough to call my father again to see if Horatio was okay.

Coming home for the holidays, I am eager to talk to Horatio. There is a sense of disappointment due to the increase in frequency of his binges as of late; however, there is also a feeling of optimism. If Horatio maintains his job for more than 6 weeks, then he will be able to take advantage of the health insurance benefits.

With insurance he will be able to resume sessions with his psychologist. Therapy has had a positive impact on him in the past. With a psychologist, he is able to bring up emotions and issues that he is unable to divulge in a normal sober setting. Acting as his therapist is not a role that I am able to fill because of the position that I already play in his life. Horatio needs to be able to talk to someone that he feels is non-judgmental and of neutral feelings regarding his history.

Health insurance will also allow him to restart his medication regime of disulfiram (Anabuse) and naltrexone. These medications are by no means silver bullets in ridding the body/mind of the intense desire to self medicate with alcohol, but they do help to cut the edge.

I hope that the upcoming discussion with him is as positive as I am optimistic about it.

  1. I sincerely hope things continue to improve for your brother. I’m sure that your constant support and encouragement is doing wonders by itself. Stick with him, though I have no doubt that you will!

    • Thank you for the support. I hope he will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am always in between about whether or not he will have to lose everything, including his house, before he is able to completely stay away from the bottle. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it too many times that losing everything and hitting rock bottom is exactly what many people need. I hope he figures it out before then.
      Hope you have a good day!

  2. Heidi said:

    Interesting that you’ve predicted his February behavior. Sounds link you’re no stranger to the program philosophically. Do you attend any ACA or Alanon meetings? Just wondering where you get support.

    • As I’m sure you and everybody else effected by an addict knows, there patterns become predictable. Even there lies.

      I haven’t been going to any ACA or Alanon meetings. I have been meaning to go for months now, but with a busy schedule there always seem to be an excuse. It’s time to stop making excuses 🙂

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